Material Handling Accessiores

Electric Trolley

Design:  Compact and adjustable design to suit different beam sizes.

Lateral wheel ( IT onwards) Lateral wheel ( IT onwards).

Operation: From Pendant.

Trolley wheels: Accurately machined precision antifriction bearing.

Powder Coated finish: For added rust protection and better aesthetic look.


Pulling & Lifting machine

Design: Compact and robust design.

Construction: Die casting, lightweight, durable.

Operation: Simple lever operation.

Application:  For Pulling and Lifting. Can be used at any working angle with sheaves.

Capacity:  Available in three capacities. Capacity can be enhanced with a sheave pulley.

Safety: Two safety devices guarantee safe operation.

Rachet Lever Hoist

Compact & Lightweight: Designed for portability and ease of handling.

Designed to EN 13157 with CE certification: Assured quality and reliability.

Grade 100 load chain: Added Strength, wear resistance, longer chain life.

Easy to Operate: Requires minimum effort.

Brakes:  Mechanical load brake engages instantly for load holding. Two Ratchet Pawels for extra safety.

Load and suspension hook with Safety Latches: Prevents unintentional unhooking of a load.

Link Chain: Provides extra flexibility.

Powder Coated finish: For added rust protection and better aesthetic look.

Easy to maintain: Ratchet Lever Hoist can be easily dismantled for maintenance with simple tools available in the workshop.

Pallet Truck

  • Three position control handle- lift, neutral & lower.
  • Reliable hydraulic pump.
  • Available with nylon or polyurethane wheels & rollers.
  • The quality of expectations determines the quality of our action. 

Hydraulic Manual Stacker

Suitable for light stacking applications in confined areas and stores, the Safelift hand stacker has load capacities up to 2000 Kgs.

Capacity: up to 2000 Kgs.

Hydraulic Electric Stacker

Product description:

Our company offers a range of quality Fully Electrical Stacker which is a highly demanded product in the industry. These are used to fulfill the material handling and lifting needs of the industry. Our quality products are the reason of our industry success


  • Capacity: 500kgs to 3ton
  • Fork length: 1150mm/as per customer requirement
  • Fork width: 600mm/as per customer requirement
  • Fork: 150mm
  • Lower height: 90mm/100mm